Dipper Facts

Exceptional Coverage
with Minimal Waste

Thrifty Dipper

  • Dips 100 Cows per full bottle.
  • When pre or post dipping, COVERAGE IS EXCEPTIONAL. Germicide of the dip is applied to entire surface of the teat. The National Mastitis Council states: "the number one reason to post-dip a cow is to kill the milk cells on the skin left behind from milking. Thrifty Dipper gives 100% skin coverage all the way to the base of the udder.
  • When upper chamber is 75% full, you can dip 15 or more cows, without ever squeezing the bottle.
  • Upper chamber is machined out of a solid core, Virtually Indestructible.
  • Wipers are Guaranteed for 30,000 cows. Please follow recommended cleaning instructions. To Clean: simply submerge wiper in a small container of hot water mixed with chlorine, and let soak.

T-150 Pre & Post

  • Dips 150 Cows per full bottle.
  • Paints teat with saturated brush in upper chamber.
  • Extremely limits any dip waste or spill.
  • Transparent upper chamber. VITAL TO MANAGE SAVINGS.
  • To use: fill squeeze bottle with dip, and give light pressure on the bottle, dip then travels vertically through channels and is delivered on top of brush.

T-150 Pro Foamer

  • The Best Dipping tool in the world!
  • Directly from the tote to the teat- NO SPILLS!
  • Brush breaks surface tension on the skin and bursts bubbles in the foam, giving 100% dip coverage on the teat.
  • When cup is removed from teat, the foam on top of brush reattaches to the teat giving the best skin coverage ever.
  • Terrific for pre dip as well as post dip.
  • Uses only 4 gallons per month when milking 100 cows, 2X per day.
    Uses only 40 gallons per month when milking 1000 cows, 2X per day.
    Uses only 60 Gallons per month when milking 1000 cows, 3X per day.