Our Customers Say it Best

Love it. It actually works really well. There is no run off and the teat is fully covered. It reduced my dip use by 24%. Before this we had spray bottles, foamers and regular dip cups.

Aaron W. Olsen
Island View Dairy, White Swan, WA

The Thrifty Dipper has cut down my post dip more than a half since using them. I don't think there is anything on the market with such a cost savings impact. This is one change you can make to put dollars immediately in the bank.

Bar 20 Dairy
Kerman, CA

We've been using the Thrifty Dipper for about 8 months now. They cover the teats well and have been saving around 60% of the dip. Just make sure you keep the maintenance up (combing the bristles).

Cairo, GA

We milk 6,400 cows on our dairy and we had been using a regular post-dip cup. We put the T150 Pro Foamer in the first barn about 8 months ago. We liked it so much that we put the next one in the second barn a few months later, and the third barn got one just a few months ago. Milkers don’t usually like anything new, but they’ve Adapted quickly to the T150 Pro Foamer. They used to break dip cups all the time, but the Thrifty Dipper has proven durable. We’ve also noticed that our SCC has dropped by 50,000 at each barn.

Brandon Whitesides
Rupert, ID, Whitesides Dairy

In my capacity as part of the Dairy Solutions Team at TDR, I am always looking for new products that may benefit our customers. Our tagline at Turlock Dairy is, ‘Do what’s right for the customer.’ So we did a thorough review of the T150 Pro Foamer and found that it works well if dairies will use it properly. It needs to be set and maintained properly in order to deliver the results. If it is, it will save massive amounts of teat dip. With the foamer, we see our dairymen use about 70% less dip than they used to. This is a tremendous cost savings for the dairy. Every day we see other companies that play games with the teat dips they sell to dairies. In an effort to be CHEAPER, many suppliers struggle each day to reach a new level of stupidity. We have chosen to sell a high-quality dip that we don’t have to apologize for. Our Ecolab and ABS product line are second to none. The Thrifty Dipper Foamer helps dairies save a lot of money and not have to sacrifice on the quality of teat dip they are putting on their cows. With the savings many are able to get away from Iodine and use better products with better killing and conditioning factors. For various reasons the foamer concept has not been popular with many teat dip people. Used incorrectly I understand their concerns but as long as it leaves the cows with COMPLETE coverage on the teats foaming, in my opinion deserves consideration. These are tough times in the dairy industry. Although the teat dip bill for a dairy is not one of the top expenses they have each month, it all ads up. It is still a monthly expense and all expenses must be justified. Personally, I hate to see waste. My kids think I’m crazy, but I still pick up pennies that I see on the ground. Why would I pick up pennies for myself and then walk into one our customers’ barns and see teat dip dripping all over the parlor floor? I’ll sell floor cleaner if they need it – and at a much cheaper price. We’ve put in about 18 of these systems over the past 6 weeks. Conservatively, I estimate that collectively these 18 customers are saving $36,000 a month in dip purchases (that’s over $400,000 per year). TDR has installed these units for our teat dip customers as well as those who currently buy product from other vendors. Does it cut teat dip sales? You bet it does. But customers can use that money to buy better dip, get out of the Iodine market (this is going nowhere but up), and do a better job of taking care of their cows. Customers seem to appreciate our efforts and we make sure that all of them understand the necessity to use this tool correctly. Our efforts at TDR with the foamer and other product is to bring to life the words in our tagline, ‘Do what’s right for the customer.’ In the long run we are betting it will pay off. Sometimes it hurts the bottom a line a bit, but we think customers appreciate our approach. I know we sleep well at night.

Bruce Smith
Manager, Dairy Solutions Team, Turlock, CA

I am writing to say how pleased we are with the Thrifty Dipper. My father and I thought we were wasting teat dip on our farm. We just didn't know exactly how much. Before we purchased the Thrifty Dippers we were using 3 gallons of dip per every 86 cows. The first day of using the Thrifty Dippers we only used a little over half a gallon on 2 milkings for one day. Wow! Saving 2 and a half gallons per day will save us over 900 gallons per year. I was apprehensive at first about the price ... but now ai am a believer.

Chuck Moellendick
Moellendick Farms, Pleasantville, OH

I love the Thrifty Dipper, it is saving about 50%. It was a good investment

David Graulich
Sharon Springs, NY

We started using the Thrifty Dipper T150 Pro Foamer about 4 months ago. It cut our dip amount by about a third. We get the coverage where we want it to cover. Before, the whole herd had a yellow underside as the workers would spray the product on the underside. Now, we are able to control the dip and apply to just the udder. It’s so easy to use!

David Lemstra
Corcoran, CA, Lemstra Cattle Company

We were using around 3 gallons of post dip a day prior to purchasing the thrifty dipper. At $12.00 per gallon it comes to $36.00 a day or $1080.00 a month. Since we started using the new dipper we use about 4 pints a day. This amounts to $6.00 a day if my math is correct. Though the results may be less dramatic at other farms the $100.00 was well spent here.

Denis Ward
Old Homestead Farm, Monroe, NH

We have been using thirfty dippers for abut 5 months. I own and operate a 2000 cow dairy with two brothers and my dad. These dippers save a tremendous amount of product, but what surprised us is the fact more cows are dipped correctly. The brushes serve two functions. First, they cut out the splash effect. The milker splashes so much product that cows aren't dipped correctly. Second, the brushes wipe the teat with product. We milk all cows 3x and hospital 2x thru a double 30; speed is very important.The milkers can dip so many more cows per squeeze is another reason cows get dipped better. We saw a 40-60% reduction in teat dip. These dippers really work.

Eric Olsen
Hillside Dairy, Fallon, NV

There is a new dipping tool that we have been using at DeGroot Dairies for the past five months, which has been showing very remarkable, promising results. We have seen our usage of iodine decrease about 60%! This unbelievable reduction helps us to better the economics of dairying while also being environmentally conscientious. When you use this dipper, the iodine stays on the teat but does not drip on the floor. It usually takes 4 plus gallons of iodine to dip a cow for one year. We have calculated that when using this new dipper we will have a savings of 2.5 gallons of iodine per cow per year. I also would like to testify that our milkers like the horizontal dipper better than the vertical. Keep up the good work Mastitis Management Tools.

Frank Ferreira
Herdsman, DeGroot Dairies, Hanford, CA

I bought three Thrifty Dippers in June of '04. The second half of the year I used them. It saved me about half of the pre and post dip which is about $5,200 in half a year. On top of that, the SCC went down from 230 to 160 which saves me even more.

Frank Genugben
South Solon, OH

I’ve been using the T150 Pro Foamer for about 10 months. I’ve cut my product usage by 40 percent. I had been using a foamer from a different company, but all of my friends were telling me that the Mastitis Management foamer was superior. I bought it and found out it really was a better foamer. It has a lot better coverage and is more sensitive, allowing me to have a greater ability to adjust it. One thing I really like is how it is constructed. It has less plastic and stands up better. I don’t have to worry about it getting broken by the employees or the 1700 cows we milk. Dennis is great. He’s always able to help whenever I have a question and he’s very knowledgeable. I’d recommend his foamer to anyone.

Greg Mitchell
Pecos, TX, Trans Pecos Dairy (Milking 1700 Cows)

I figure that after using the Thrifty Dipper for 2 months I have had a savings of 80% on my dip without much wear on the cup. I really like my thrifty dipper.

Jacob Beiler
Christiana, PA

We saw the Thrifty Dipper products at an expo and made the switch to the T150 Pro Foamer and have noticed a definite cost savings. The fact that I don’t spill, I use less dip. I have been using the product for six months and would highly recommend this product.

Joe Roden
Saukville, WI

I really like how the Thrifty Dipper covers the cows’ teats. We can visually see it on the cows where before, the iodine was so light and didn’t stay on or fully cover the teats. With the Thrifty Dipper, it stays on and we can see that it is covering the teat. In Barn 3 we are milking 2,500 cows. Our other barns that have been using it longer have seen a 50% savings. I have been using it for the least amount of time, but have still seen a 40% savings in only two months. We figure this system will pay for itself in six months.

Jorge Fulleda
Barn 3 Manager, Okeechobee, FL, McArthur Farms (Milking 7,500 Cows)

I recently ordered your dippers and they work great. My guys like it very much. I already saved 300 gallons. That's fantastic! When I saw those dippers in the farm show in Tulare, CA, I said, "those are the ones I need". So, thank you very much.

Jose Luis Campos
Rio Blanco Manager, Rio Blanco Dairy, Tulare, CA

Before we put in the T150 Pro Foamer 6 months ago, we were spraying. The spray only covered one side of the teats. The T150 has given us 100% coverage and has cut our dip usage by more than 50%. Our SCC counts have stayed (around 130,000).

Kimball Holt
Newcastle, UT, Holt Dairy (Milking 3,300)

Getting better coverage than other dipper, eliminated pills, and saving 60%.

Leo Birmingham
Whitney Point, NY

Switching from spraying to dipping a couple of years ago improved udder health and reduced iodine usage. Recently I tried the Thrifty Dipper cups and am very impressed. These cups hold more volume that the others so you are filling less frequently. They are faster to dip cows with and they don't slobber or spill when dipping fast. This cup saves time and uses less iodine per cow per dip. I only wish that these were my idea.

Mike VanderDussen
El Nido, CA

We mil 650 Holsteins here in Pennsylvania. We began using the Thrifty Dippers over a year ago ... We have had a great experience with the Thrifty Dippers! They pay for themselves very quickly and have a money-back guarantee. It may interest you that Mr. Hakes is a retired dairyman, and the entire idea for the dippers came from his own frustration with watching teat dip get washed down the drain after milking.

Missy Craig
Murmac Farms, Bellefonte, PA

We milk 200 cows and we wouldn’t be without the foamer. We were going through 55 gallons of dip every 6 weeks. Since we started using the Thrifty Dipper back in April, we are only using 15 gallons every month. It is hands down the best dipper on the market. Going without the dipper would belike your well running dry or your electricity going out.

Pat Lingen
Edgerton, MN, Lingen Dairy

We have had this product for almost a year now, which replaced dipping teats with cups. I read about the different teat dip methods so I started looking for the best option for us. I think that above everything else the biggest improvement I have seen with the T150 Pro Foamer is that it provides great teat coverage. We like to see that our cows’ teats are completely covered. We have seen quite a bit in savings with the Foamer too. Most recently, we saw 50 to 52% savings in usage. The Foamer paid for itself during the first month. Another benefit is a reduction in replacement costs. Previously we were replacing teat dip cups often because the cows would step on them or they would break. We are very satisfied with the product!

Rene Castillo
Manager, De Graff, MN, West Dublin Dairy (Milking 2,400 Cows)

We used to use a spray applicator. We switched to the Thrifty Dipper six months ago and we couldn’t be happier. My employees think it is great. We have reduced our dip usage by 35% and the issue of back spray is no longer a problem. The cleanliness of the 800 cows we milk has increased as well.

Rick Nutcher
Denair, CA, Nutcher Dairy

Thrifty Dippers are a great tool for the milkers. The brushes help guide the teat into the dip cup and they are designed to always be loaded with dip so you get good coverage all over the teat, all the way up the teat and there is no dip wasted. Thrifty Dippers are milker friendly and owner friendly. It makes you feel better not seeing that expensive dip dropping all over the parlor floor.

Si-Ellen Farms
Jerom, ID

By using the Thrifty Dippers we have cut our dip expense to 1/3! We are very pleased with the dip coverage using these dippers.

Siemers Holsteins
Newton, WI

We’ve been using the Original Thrifty Dipper for many years. Dennis wouldn’t stop bothering me about one of his new products he wanted us to try and so finally I caved in and bought the JAH glove system for our pre-dip. We’re happy with the change. The cows are cleaner and our prep time is faster. We also use substantially less dip now than we used to.

Steve Gerratt
Declo, ID, Midway Dairy (Milking 3,500)

I Theo van den Heuvel, owner of Hill Dairy, am milking 850 cows in Warren, Indiana. I like these dippers because I save 40 to 50% on post and pre dip. The iodine covers the teats better. And, my milkers like it because they stay cleaner.

Theo van den Heuvel
Hill Dairy, Warren, IN

Since using Thrifty Dipper our SCC has dropped 80,000 and is now consistently running approximately 100,000. Also, by using Thrifty Dipper we have been able to reduce our teat dip use from one 70 gallon drum a month to one 55 gallon drum every two months.

Tim Krueger
Krueger Dairy, Jordan, MN

While conducting dairy audits for our customers' nutritionist, one critical area that we observe during our milking routine evaluation is poor pre- and post-dip teat coverage ... the number one reason for post dipping cow teats is to cover up the film of milk!

Tom Lorenzen
Member, National Mastitis Council (15 Years)

I was skeptical at first, but after using the Thrifty Dipper, I have seen at least a 50% reduction in teat dip usage. I'll never go back to any other conventional type of dipper. With better coverage and reduction in use, we now use a higher quality dip. Our somatic cell counts are dropping as well.

Wally Armstrong
Pascal, WA

The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread
by Scott Taylor
California Dairy Herd Improvement Association

Dennis Hakes is a former dairyman living in Burley, Idaho, and has developed some very interesting items over the years.

His latest invention is catching on like a storm and word is spreading fast about these new dippers. The best part of the Thrifty Dipper story is a written guarantee to save producers 50-70% on their post-dip usage or Mastitis Management, Inc. will refund the purchase price of the dippers. The dipper coverage is perfect on each teat with no extra dip being wasted on the cow or the floor. The Thrifty Dipper applies the dip without the drip. This is a win-win situation for the dairymen and the cows. The only thing you have to lose is dollars spent in using conventional dip or spray routines. Sometimes it takes a dairyman to come up with a simple idea that can totally revolutionize the dairy industry.

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